the goodness of others

i am typing with one left

there will be no capitalization of letters, no editing of words, no obsessive-compulsive angst over punctuation, no matter.

instead, as sergeant friday said every friday from 1951 through 1959 on nbc, just the facts, mam.

just the facts.

it was a flash flood florida night with rivers of rain running down the padded slip-proof ramp to our back yard as i struggled to carry our 16 year old, 23 pound dearly departed Pekingese-Bulldog mix, echo, to safe haven until his intended next day burial.

first the fasteners holding the padding burst loose. then we slipped, slid, tumbled, and crashed to the ground.

my right hand looks like a five digit foam finger.

my right wrist will undergo a second surgery to insert a steel plate and seven screws.

my right shoulder has been realigned.

i am the color purple.

but both EMTs said they were sorry for the loss of our dog.

every nurse on duty stopped by my unit to offer their condolences.

the emergency room resident, radiologist, anesthesiologist, attending physician and surgeon each expressed sincere sympathies.

the woman in the curtained room adjoining mine called out her concern.

there is nothing quite as comforting as the compassion shown by others.

it, like every earth angel, is a gift to the heart.

be well. do good.

see you all of a sudden!


#      #      #

marguerite quantaine is an essayist, novelist, author and animal rescue activist.

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10 thoughts on “the goodness of others

  1. Mercedes

    Ooh sweetie! I am so sorry you for hurt, and, sorry to hear that your pet has moved on to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you. Please take care. I love you.


  2. Maeve T

    Oh, Marguerite … I am so sorry about Echo and all that you are going through! Hopefully you don’t mind my sending up Sacred Smoke for you. If I lived in Florida, I would be offering my help in any way I could. Hope you are feeling miraculously well in no time at all. Much love going your way!


    1. Maureen Cesarotti

      Marguerite, thanks for letting us know what is happening with you – although I am hurting for your ‘double hurting’! Please take good care of yourself, including that remaining functional thumb, and draw strength from all the love coming from your ‘fan club’ and of course, your wonderful Elizabeth. I hope that the recovery time flies by, and that you feel a bit better each day!


      1. margueritequantaine Post author

        Egad, Maureen, I never got this notification and have just stumbled onto it now. Thank you for your kindness and caring. I’ve regained 52% of my right side and hand function. It is a slow but steady recovery.


      1. Maeve T

        DAMN! — I never get notifications that someone has posted here. I would never ignore you, Marguerite! Huggz & Love, my friend … plus a LOT of healing! ❤


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