With uncompromising bursts of bittersweet joy this candid, effervescent chronicle reveals how the nature of thinking and depth of emotions between homosexual women is instinctively incompatible with the male dominant ideologies of a patriarch society. Through lyrically warmed words engendering benevolence these forty-nine relatable narratives shed insight on the valiant dignity of an endangered female culture vanishing-by-assimilation into an age of partial equality.

Front Cover 4 FB

A veritable feast of gilded memories
seasoned with silver linings.



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Seriously, Mom, you didn’t know?

by Marguerite Quantaine


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2 thoughts on “IT’S A DATE!

    1. margueritequantaine Post author

      Thank you, PT! I must admit, now that Facebook has eliminated allowing an automatic posting of blogs to it’s newsfeed getting the word out will depend more on timeline sharing between friends. Difficult and a lot to ask, but certainly not impossible.


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